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There’s an autumnal harvest holiday approaching, and no, this isn’t an early Thanksgiving blog post. We’re talking about SUKKOT! Sukkot is a Jewish agricultural festival that was originally considered a thanksgiving for the fruit harvest. This week-long holiday is celebrated by assembling a temporary, outdoor hut called a sukkah to use as a space for meals or sleeping under the stars.

Sukkot begins Friday, October 2 in the evening and concludes on Friday, October 7. While we might not be able to be together in person, we’ll be together in spirit with couples from across our community to celebrate Sukkot HMI-style! Below is a collection of resources our team put together to help navigate Sukkot in 2020. Whether you’re able to celebrate outside in a traditional sukkah or you’re inside under a pillow fort, we have some great tips and ideas to bring this fall festival to life for you.

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Sukkot: traditions, rituals, how-tos, and meaning-making

Looking for some ways to make meaning of Sukkot this year? Unfamiliar with what Sukkot is even about? HMI has you covered. Click here for a quick rundown of what this beautiful holiday is all about, and for some fun, creative ways to celebrate this holiday season.


Sukkot Inspo Pinterest Board

Looking for a refresh on how to make a blanket fort? Want some Sukkot inspired autumn home decor ideas? In search of savory fall challah recipes? Check out our Sukkot Inspo board on Pinterest!


Celebrating Sukkot in 2020, HMI-style

Join our Honeymoon Israel team as they ponder how to celebrate Sukkot during a pandemic and provide some innovative tips on bringing the spirit of the festival into our homes.

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