Important COVID-19 Updates

The health and safety of our applicants, participants and staff are our top priorities. Due to the evolving public health crisis relating to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Honeymoon Israel (HMI) has made some important decisions regarding our operations:

Application Cycles & Trips

Application Cycles:
Due to the current restrictions regarding travel to Israel, HMI is pausing all application cycles. We will continue to reevaluate all of our upcoming application cycle dates and restructure as necessary. We will make changes to our Upcoming Trips as new information becomes available. Please continue to sign up for our mailing list to be notified about application cycles and trips from your community.

In addition, we have postponed our March 2020, May 2020, September 2020, and November 2020 trips. These decisions were difficult, but necessary due to the evolving public health situation and the associated directives issued by the US Government, CDC, WHO and Israel’s Ministry of Health. Locally, we are restructuring all HMI in-person gatherings and focusing primarily on creating and building virtual communities together with participants and organizational partners.

If you have questions about Applications, please contact Laura Parker, Applicant Experience Manager, at

2nd Honeymoon Israel

As a result of the continued uncertainty around international travel, we have made the tough decision to postpone our 2nd Honeymoon Israel trip this fall. If you are interested in learning more about 2nd Honeymoon Israel, please sign up for our mailing list and we will update you as soon as we have more details to share about a future trip.

If you have questions about Applications, please contact Laura Parker, Applicant Experience Manager, at

Eligibility Requirements

Who’s eligible for HMI?
Honeymoon Israel’s goal is to create a fulfilling, welcoming experience for couples who do not yet have strong connections to Jewish life. Ideal applicants are searching for the ways in which they want to incorporate Judaism in their relationships, family, and home. 

The HMI experience is open to couples of all cultural, racial, religious, gender, and sexual identities who are looking to create connections with each other and to Jewish life. On each trip, HMI aims to bring a mix of people including some Jewish/Jewish couples, some Interfaith couples, some Adopted (converted) couples, some with kids, some without.  

Each couple must meet basic eligibility requirements in order to be considered for a Honeymoon Israel trip. Meeting the requirements is the first step and does not guarantee a spot on the trip. 

If you have questions about Applications, please contact Laura Parker, Applicant Experience Manager, at

  • At least one partner must be Jewish. We define that broadly, such as one Jewish parent or grandparent. 
  • You must be a resident of the geographic catchment area in the city the trip is based. Trips are organized locally, so you’ll be traveling with other couples from your community. 
  •  Couples should be committed and/or married life partners between the ages of 25-40. At least one partner must be between 25-40 at the time of the trip and neither partner over 45 years old.
  • If married, couples must be within the first five years of marriage or very close to it.
  • At least one partner must have no prior organized Israel travel experience on a post high school Jewish peer trip (i.e. if both partners have been on Birthright or a MASA program, you are ineligible)


Who’s eligible to apply to participate in Honeymoon Israel (HMI)?

Please see our Who’s Eligible section on our Apply page for a complete list of eligibility criteria. The best way for us to get to know you is by submitting an application. Please note that if you complete an application and do not fully meet the eligibility criteria, you may be disqualified from moving forward.

If Honeymoon Israel isn’t currently running trips from our city, can we apply with another city?

No. We require all of our participants to live in the city from which the trip is based. Part of our mission as an organization is to help couples build a  strong community in the city in which they live. Couples must live close to each other so they can participate in follow-up programming and events with our local partners.

What if we have children?

We love children and we look forward to meeting yours in the future, but we cannot accommodate them on our trips. For your children’s safety, and so you can receive the most benefit and enjoyment from the HMI experience, we cannot allow children of any age to travel with you OR any family member(s) on a trip with a similar or parallel itinerary to the HMI trip. We want you and others to be able to focus 100% on the trip experience.

How much does Honeymoon Israel cost?

The total cost is $2,500 per couple. This includes flight, hotels, planned activities, and most meals for both partners. The overall Honeymoon Israel experience costs approximately $10,000 per couple, but the remainder is a gift from donors and funders who support our mission.

Why does Honeymoon Israel do this?

Our goal is to welcome all couples with at least one Jewish partner to the Jewish community. We’re here to help people have a deeper connection to Jewish life in whatever way makes sense to them and their family. On the trip, we want you to have fun, experience Israel, and meet other young couples from your city. After the trip, we want you to build a community that can support you on your journey as you explore Jewish life. The HMI experience encourages inquiry, questions, and discussion.

What’s expected of me/us?

We hope that you’ll continue to feel a sense of community with fellow travelers and make meaningful decisions with your partner about the role of Jewish values and traditions play in your family. One of the goals of Honeymoon Israel is to support couples in building a community with other couples in similar life stages, while on the trip and at home. In addition to attendance at two pre-trip gatherings,  we hope that all HMI participants choose to attend and participate in formal and informal post-trip gatherings when they return home. 

Is Honeymoon Israel affiliated with any other organizations?

Honeymoon Israel is an independent 501c3 organization. We work in collaboration with local partners and organizations in each city, helping individual couples and groups of couples explore Jewish life and values. Honeymoon Israel is supported by funders throughout the Jewish community who share our goal of welcoming and building community for a diverse range of Jewish families, including interfaith couples.

What about safety and security?

Your safety, health, and security are our top priorities. Honeymoon Israel takes safety and security very seriously. We operate in partnership with Da’at Travel Expeditions on the ground in Israel. Da’at is in constant communication with the Ministry of Tourism. Together we ensure that all HMI trips are following the most updated safety and security guidelines in Israel. We work with experienced, accredited, professional tour guides and trip operators who have access to the most up-to-date security information, and our trip itineraries are reviewed continually to ensure you have the best experience possible. HMI trip staff leaders go over safety and security protocols during pre-trip gatherings and are available before and during the trip to address any questions or concerns.

What is the application process?

The application process is a two-step process. The first step is you and your partner completing an online written application when the application cycle in your city is open. The second step is an in-person or video interview. Not all applicants are invited to the second step of the application process due to limited capacity for interviews and trip spots. If couples are invited to an interview, the interview will be 30 minutes long, will take place on a designated set of dates, and each invited couple will have the ability to sign up for a slot. 

Who are Honeymoon Israel’s local partners?

In every Honeymoon Israel community, we work with local partners who are integral to the HMI experience. Our local partners are senior educators and community workers who share our vision and values. They live and work in your community and will be available to you before, during, and after the trip.

Will Honeymoon Israel fill more than one trip with applicants from one application cycle?

Depending on the specific cycle, Honeymoon Israel may fill more than one trip during one application cycle. 

Will this be a religious trip?

Honeymoon Israel is not affiliated with any particular denomination, nor will any part of the trip be focused on encouraging conversion or a specific Jewish practice. The trip is focused on providing a platform for young couples to explore the ways in which they would like to incorporate Judaism into their relationship and family, in whatever way is meaningful to them. We find that providing the space for discussion is very powerful in a group setting.

If we are accepted, when do we have to pay our nonrefundable deposit?

If you are secured a spot on an HMI trip, you will be asked to register for the trip and submit your $2,500 payment within two weeks of notification. HMI can arrange an individual payment plan if necessary.

If we are not accepted, can we apply again?

If you are notified that HMI cannot secure you a spot on an upcoming trip, you are welcome to reapply in the next application cycle for your city. HMI does not automatically add all interviewed applicants to a trip waitlist, but in the case that a participant drops out prior to the trip, some applicants may be notified and invited to fill the spot.

What will the accommodations be like during the trip?

Our program is called Honeymoon Israel for a reason! The participants stay in beautiful 4-5 star hotels throughout Israel. Each couple has their own private room. Hotels are often walking distance to restaurants in the major cities and beaches when near the water. All hotel stays include an expansive Israeli breakfast buffet for participants to enjoy each morning. The Honeymoon Israel trip is romantic, warm, and welcoming.

What if I’m pregnant?

Individuals who are pregnant are welcome to participate on a trip if they are able to provide Honeymoon Israel written approval for travel from their doctor prior to departure.

I’m a nursing parent, can I pump while on the trip?

It is possible to pump while you are in Israel. However, you may run into challenges regarding proximity to electricity and/or temperature control of your milk should you choose to transport it while in Israel. Please click here to learn more about pumping while in Israel.

Are people with physical disabilities or different access needs able to participate?

Honeymoon Israel is committed to finding ways to accommodate all individuals who are selected for our trips. If you choose to apply and are ultimately secured a spot on the trip, our team will discuss the best way to accommodate your needs and comfort level while in Israel.