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The Jewish High Holy Days are some of the most significant days in the Jewish calendar. They include Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year, starts 9/18) and Yom Kippur (our collective day of soul-accounting, starts 9/27).
Our HMI team has lovingly put together resources to make the High Holy Days approachable, accessible, and meaningful. We hope these will help you bring the holidays into your home and into your soul.

What’s the deal with Jewish blessings, why they are awesome, & how to become a blessing master

Many of us (if not most of us) who were born Jewish didn’t grow up with a clear custom around giving and receiving blessings. If anything, we might think of giving blessings as something a Rabbi does or maybe something parents might do during their child’s bar/bat mitzvah. Click here to learn more about the rich tradition of Jewish blessings and to gain some practical tools you can use this holiday season.

Tashlich: A guided ritual to release your spiritual baggage from 5780

Click here for a 10-minute guided ritual from one of our favorite HMI educators. You can do this in your own home, or near a body of water if that feels accessible to you!

Cook, Eat, Listen: HMI Staff Picks

What to cook and eat this holiday season, plus a High Holy Day playlist to listen to while you cook.

Read, Listen, Watch: HMI Staff Picks for High Holidays, 5781

Looking for some good High Holidays inspo? Check out our HMI staff picks for things to read, listen to, and watch.

WTHigh Holidays?!

A short guide for those of us who need to brush-up on the holidays and how to celebrate them.

10 Things to do

A list of 10 accessible activities to do on your own, with your partner, your family, or your HMI cohort!

A Couples’ Guide to Teshuvah, AKA, Apologizing And Meaning It

There’s a lot of choreography around the holidays, and the practice of teshuvah is perhaps the most important one. This guide will bring you closer to yourself and to your partner, and ensure a stronger 5781 for you both.

Cheshbon HaNefesh: How to Get Spiritually-Prepped for the High Holidays

Click here to learn about an ancient Jewish spiritual practice aimed at grounding your mind and soul, preparing you to make deep meaning of the holidays.

Sin in Judaism

It’s not what you think. But the idea of “sin” is thrown around a lot during the High Holiday season! Click here to get the backstory on the Jewish perception of sin, and how to make use of it this season!

Sukkot: traditions, rituals, how-tos, and meaning-making

Looking for some ways to make meaning of Sukkot this year? Unfamiliar with what Sukkot is even about? HMI has you covered. Click here for a quick rundown of what this beautiful holiday is all about, and for some fun, creative ways to celebrate this holiday season.