Mari Katz O’Leary is HMI Houston’s Community Staff!

It’s #MeetTheTeamMonday again! Today, meet Mari Katz O’Leary from #HMIHouston! “HMI is such a meaningful program because it has allowed so many to connect to each other, to the community, and to Israel. I appreciate the mission and have enjoyed working with every single team member at HMI. I know this is just the beginning of what HMI truly means to me, and I am so excited for what the future holds as I continue to grow as a team member of HMI.”

Mari is counting down the days until her HMI trip to Israel because this will be her first time there! She was presented with other opportunities to visit Israel when she was younger, but the trips didn’t work out. She now feels that this is truly the perfect time in her life to explore Israel for the first time. Mari is so excited to try new Israeli foods, and she’s most looking forward to the breakfast buffets that everyone keeps telling her about! On her first trip as an HMI team member, Mari’s looking forward to creating bonds with the Houston couples prior to Israel, on the ground, and following the trip. She knows the cohort will create lifelong friendships as they continue their Jewish journey in Houston when they get home!

Get excited, HMI Houston! Mari can’t wait to lead HMI Houston’s VERY FIRST TRIP EVER!