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Daniel Larson is HMI Boston’s Director of Community Engagement!

We have a new team member for you to meet in today’s #MeetTheTeamMonday!

Meet Daniel Larson from #HMIBoston! “Regardless of Jewish background, practice, and/or belief, Israel can be an inspiring place to experience. I am thrilled to help our Boston-area couples connect with this amazing country and its people, and in turn enrich our communities back home!”

Believe it or not, Daniel has been to Israel over 30 times! Each visit is unique in its own way, and Daniel can’t wait to lead his first trip as Boston’s new Director of Community Engagement later this year. It was hard for Daniel to narrow down his favorite Israeli foods, but since we made him pick, he went with Shawarma at HaKosem in Tel Aviv and the delicious stews at Azura in Jerusalem. Daniel’s absolute favorite place in Israel is Kfar Monash, a pastoral village near Netanya (about halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa) where he spent a lot of his childhood (think red roofed homes and citrus orchards). When people ask him where they should go in Israel, Daniel recommends that everyone experience the fantastic combination of sights, sounds, and scents that is the shuk (market) in Jerusalem, which draws both locals and tourists alike. His personal favorites include freshly made tahini (sesame paste), and tons of cheese!

Get ready, HMI Boston. Your HMI experience with Daniel will change your life!