These thoughtful HMI-created Passover resources were lovingly developed to support and guide your Passover in any way that’s meaningful to you and your family. They are made to be used as individual documents to elevate your seder night or in combination to elevate your entire holiday experience. Each one includes a short description to help you pick and choose what works best for you.

HMI-Created Passover Resources

A Passover Meditation

Is meditating your thing? Ours too. There are many stories of heroes to tell during Passover, but this meditation tells one that feels especially right for this unique time period of our lives. Treat yourself with this 10-min guided meditation that will provide some healing and spiritual grounding you can take with you throughout your Passover experience.
Audio Meditation:
Nachshon Meditation by Honeymoon Israel
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Passover & Easter: Two Holidays, Shared Vibes

Passover and Easter are two of the most important holidays in Jewish and Christian faiths. While there are certainly differences, there are also major similarities. This resource was created with interfaith couples in mind, but is a great primer for everyone. It’s a super digestible, fun, one-stop-shop to learn everything you want to know about why these holidays are side-by-side in the calendar year, what sets them apart, and what brings them together.

Passover & Easter - Updated 2022 by Honeymoon Israel
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Literally everything we think you’d want to know about Passover history and ritual. No need to Google what belongs on your Seder plate anymore or the order in which you eat the different items. This lays it all out for you.

WTSeder?! by Honeymoon Israel
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Re-imagining the 4 Children Ritual

During a typical Seder meal, there comes a time when guests discuss the 4-children – who they are and what they represent. This document will help you re-imagine that Passover ritual by explaining the history behind and the power of why asking questions is at the heart of the Passover experience (and at the heart of Judaism in general!).

4 children convo guide by Honeymoon Israel
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Tikkun Olam/Repairing the World Check-in

Have you ever wondered how you, as someone who most likely experiences many freedoms in your life, can relate most to the Passover story of oppression and liberation? One of the many teachings in Passover is that we all have the power to create change in our world in big or small ways. Sometimes it helps to make a plan to do just that. This check-in is a chance for you, your partner, and your family to ‘check-in’ about how you personally want to repair the world this coming year. What matters to you? What do you want to commit to?

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HMI’s Top 14 Favorite Haggadot

The one thing we didn’t make for you is a Haggadah (the book that guides a Seder meal). That’s because there are SO many out there that are fantastic. We did a little crowd-sourcing amongst our team and HMI’s rabbis/educators and pulled together our faves. This document lists them and provides you the direct links to make it super easy. Do you have a favorite one that’s missing from this list? We’d love to hear – email!

HMI's Top 12 Favorite Haggadot by Honeymoon Israel
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