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Wendy McCreary is HMI San Diego’s Community Staff!

It’s #MeetTheTeamMonday! Today, meet Wendy McCreary from #HMISanDiego! “I believe immersive experiences are one of the most powerful ways to connect to Judaism and build community. My husband and I had a life changing experience on HMI as participants in 2015, and I am so excited to be part of that experience for other couples.

Wendy has been to Israel 5 times, and she’s incredibly excited to go back again as an HMI trip leader! She can’t wait to cover one of those delicious shawarma pita wraps with all the delicious toppings. Wendy’s favorite spot in Israel is Independence Hall, the site of the signing of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, because she finds the history of Israel so inspiring! When asked what she’s looking forward to the most, Wendy said she is excited to see the people-to-people connections unfold and to be part of a great cohort.

You ready, HMI San Diego? Your trip with Wendy is going to be better than you can even imagine!