Randi Reed is HMI East Bay’s Assistant Director of Community Engagement!

It’s time for another HMI #MeetTheTeamMonday! Today, meet Randi Reed from #HMIEastBay! “I fell in love with HMI on my first trip with them as a participant 💜🧡. I knew they were doing something special, and I feel so proud to be doing this work with HMI now. I love bringing people together and showing them the magic 🪄 of the journey that HMI brings but also love to provide unique and diverse experiences and spaces for couples. I am so excited to be doing this work here in the East Bay and sharing it with my family and community!”
Randi has been to Israel 3 times, once as an HMI participant and twice as an HMI trip leader! Her favorite Israeli food is arayes. What is that, you ask? It’s a street food of grilled pita bread stuffed with a lamb kebab mixture and served with tahini sauce! One of Randi’s favorite places to be in Israel is at the top of Masada overlooking the Dead Sea. She says it is absolutely breathtaking. She also really loves to be near the Mediterranean, walking along the promenade on a warm evening or taking a dip in the early morning 🏊‍♀️! Each time Randi leads an HMI trip, she always makes sure our couples check out the local scene and tells everyone to go to Jaffa. It’s such a beautiful and incredible place with good people watching, good food, and very rich history!
You ready, HMI East Bay? Your next trip with Randi is going to be better than you can even imagine!