Avi Rubel is HMI’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO!

Monday already?! It’s time for #MeetTheTeamMonday!

Today, meet Avi Rubel, HMI Co-CEO, based in Moshav Shoresh, Israel! “I love leading HMI because I have seen a bright future of the Jewish community coming to life through my interactions with so many HMI couples.”Avi has lived in Israel for the past 3 years, and he says everyone should try amba sauce (a tangy mango sauce) when in Israel! His absolute favorite spot in Israel is his front porch, and he can’t wait for our trips to start again so he can finally be in the same room with the HMI team and HMI couples again.

Thank you, Avi, for everything you do for the HMI team and for the entire HMI community! We couldn’t do it without you!