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HMI Comes Together to Bring Them Home

Since October 7, we’ve followed the stories of the hundreds of Israelis and foreign nationals taken hostage in the attack. Over 100 hostages remain in unknown condition in Gaza today. Many in the HMI community have been eager to learn more about how to help.

In Judaism, we have many mitzvot, or commandments, that guide us to live an ethical life. When we witness injustice, we are called upon to act. We have a particular obligation to act now. Maimonides, an important Jewish thinker, told us that “there is no greater mitzvah than the redemption of captives.” And as you heard on our Honeymoon Israel trip, Judaism is not just a religion – Judaism is a people and a family. As a cornerstone of solidarity and familial love, we have a responsibility to do everything we can to make sure the remaining hostages come home.

Get started by bearing witness to the incredible story of Rachel Goldberg, mother of hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin. Rachel and her husband Jon have quite literally traveled to the ends of the earth to advocate for their son’s release. Rachel joined the Honeymoon Israel community to share her story in conversation with Avi Rubel, HMI co-CEO and her close friend, at HMI Comes Together on 2/21/24. 

Get Involved

  • Call Your Representatives: Take one minute a day to call and demand the immediate release of the hostages. Click here for a directory and script from One Minute A Day.
  • Contact the White House: Using this form, express how important it is to you to bring the hostages home now.
  • Sign This Petition: The Hostages and Missing Families Forum’s petition calls for the immediate release of hostages held by Hamas. Sign the petition to add your voice.
  • Run For Their Lives: join a local chapter or start one in your city.
  • Save a Seat: Leave an empty seat at your Shabbat table for a hostage and use this NCJW advocacy kit.
  • Share On Social: Watch (and share) these videos about the hostages on TikTok.
  • Show Solidarity: Join Rachel Goldberg and wear a piece of tape over your heart with the number of days since October 7. When people ask, tell them Hersh’s story.
  • Hang Posters: Hang posters in public places to keep the release of the remaining hostages top of mind.