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Ben & Casey: HMI changed our lives

How many experiences would you say have truly changed your life? For HMI Boston alumni Ben & Casey, like so many of our couples, Honeymoon Israel is one of those life-changing experiences. Our incredible partner and funder CJP created this beautiful video sharing their story.

“When we returned, we felt that it had unlocked so many important spiritual future plans, so many conversations, and I feel so much closer to you [Ben] because of it. It made our marriage stronger. It made our deep friendship and love stronger. It’s made our family stronger. It’s allowed my family to better understand your family. There’s so many layers. We are so grateful for your generosity, your continued support for couples like us, allowing us to have an experience of a lifetime that catapulted us into a bigger movement… It’s changed our lives.” – Casey

Video created by and property of Honeymoon Israel partner and funder CJP.