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Our HMI team has put together some great resources to make your December celebrations more meaningful and bright. Read below to learn more about Hanukkah and how to manage celebrating multiple holidays.

What Even IS Hanukkah?!
Ever been asked to explain Hanukkah and then realize you have no idea what you are talking about? Curious about the relationship between Christmas and Hanukkah in America? Give a scroll through this quick guide and impress your friends and family with your Hanukkah knowledge this holiday season!

’Tis The Season…Oy Vey! A discussion guide for couples to talk through the December good, bad, and confusing.
The December holidays are the best, but they sometimes come with questions. And a little stress. Especially for couples who grew up celebrating differently from each other! Don’t worry. HMI has your back. Below are a few conversation starters you can use to find some solidarity with your partner. Wishing you all a season of love, light, blessings, and health!

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Hanukkah How-To’s” How to say the blessings, light the hanukkiah, make latkes, and play dreidel!

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