Pay It Forward

You already know that Honeymoon Israel is more than a trip; it’s a community that lasts a lifetime. 

Support life-changing experiences that welcome more young couples into the Jewish community. 

And now that you’ve seen how this experience can enrich your life and strengthen your partnership, you can help pay it forward by staying involved and supporting the future of Honeymoon Israel.


Whether it’s making a donation, hosting gatherings, becoming a leader or referring couples for future trips, you can ensure that more couples have the chance to be part of the purposeful community we’re building together.

Make a donation

As a nonprofit organization, Honeymoon Israel depends on contributions from alumni like you to continue this important work. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a significant impact in fostering a strong, supportive community and there are many ways to give.

Make connections

If you have a passion for fundraising or know individuals or organizations that might be interested in supporting Honeymoon Israel's mission, please consider connecting us by reaching out to Chief Advancement Officer Avital Ingber at

Host an event

Consider opening your home or place of business to host a gathering for Honeymoon Israel participants.

Serve as a speaker

Share your Honeymoon Israel journey with others by speaking at one of our events, such as a welcome dinner or an information session. Your story can inspire and resonate with future participants.

Become a community leader

Take a leadership role in our community, offering your ideas and energy to create engaging experiences and grow our network.

Refer couples

If you know of a couple who would benefit from the Honeymoon Israel experience, refer them today!

Share your experience

Introduce us to family members or friends who would appreciate the mission of Honeymoon Israel. Your endorsement holds immense value and can inspire others to make an impact as well.

Join the conversation

Connect with the Honeymoon Israel community on social media and tag us in posts about your experiences. You’ll find us on Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about these opportunities and other ways to stay involved with Honeymoon Israel, reach out to us at

In Their Own Words

“HMI facilitates the building of life-long friends in the same community. The trip is the glue that creates this community bond. We loved the trip so much, we’re paying it forward so that the next couple can have this wonderful experience too!”

Jacob and MikeHMI Houston Nov '22