Alumni Micro Grants

Want to celebrate a Jewish holiday with your HMI family? Interested in learning Hebrew? Planning to attend an exhibit about Jewish history? We want to help!

After your Israel trip, your Jewish journey continues at home. Honeymoon Israel (HMI) is here to support you as you explore Jewish life in a meaningful way. HMI’s Alumni Micro Grants are available to you to subsidize a variety of opportunities, whether your own individual learning or gatherings with your HMI friends.

Alumni Micro Grants are available for HMI alumni at any point in their alumni journey. While not intended to cover the whole cost of a program or opportunity, we hope the grants are helpful in supporting your continued Jewish gatherings, celebrations, and learning.

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What does an HMI Alumni Grant cover?

Alumni Micro Grants are intended to support you as you explore Judaism and your connection to the HMI community and larger Jewish community. Review the examples below for broad categories, but a general rule of thumb is that your request will need to incorporate some element of Jewish learning or ritual to be eligible.

The types of programs Alumni Micro Grants will support include, but are not limited to:

  • Classes. The broader Jewish community offers many classes related to Jewish learning, such as Hebrew classes, general Jewish learning, Israeli culture, or holiday-related webinars. Apply to receive financial support for classes on your own or with other HMI alumni. Consider reaching out to your trip Rabbi or educator about creating a class that interests you.
  • Gatherings. There are many moments throughout the Jewish year where we can gather as a community to learn, celebrate, or mourn together. Alumni Micro Grants can support hosting your HMI friends for gatherings and celebrations with a Jewish component or ritual, such as Shabbat, Jewish holidays, or Jewish life cycle events.
  • Community Programs. Outside of formal classes, there are many community programs with a Jewish or Israeli component, such as museum exhibits on Jewish history or art, programs for young families, speaker series, Jewish holiday events hosted by a community organization, and mores. Alumni Micro Grants are available to support alumni attendance at these types of programs.
  • And More. Not sure yet what you’d like to do? Reach out to your HMI Director of Community Engagement to chat more about your interests in exploring Judaism. We can give you ideas or help you connect with other alumni in your area with similar interests.

If you have a question about whether the program or opportunity you are interested in is eligible or need support for incorporating Jewish learning or ritual in your program, contact us at

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Grant Guidelines

  • Apply at least 10 business days in advance of the program. Running late? Let your HMI Director of Community Engagement know.
  • If you are planning a program, please confirm a date
  • If you are hosting an event, only one Alumni Micro Grant will be approved per event
  • If you are attending a program with your HMI friends, you can either apply for a bulk set of tickets (i.e. five tickets) or each individual attendee can apply separately
  • For meal-related requests, about $10 per person, but no more than 50 percent of the total cost of the food, will be covered

In general, Alumni Micro Grants will cover up to but not more than 50 percent of the total cost of the request.

Application Process

1) Apply. Submit your application for an Alumni Micro Grant at least 10 business days in advance. You will need to include program dates, a description of the program and your goals for hosting/attending, who will be included (ex: just you, cohort, city-wide alumni, etc.), what planning support you might need, and costs or a basic budget.

2) Receive a Response from HMI. You will hear from a Honeymoon Israel team member regarding the status of your request within seven business days of submission. Please make sure you take this time frame into account if there is a deadline for signing up for a community program.

3) Reporting. If your request is approved, you’ll receive an email with instructions on requesting reimbursement. Plus, we want to hear how it went! When you submit your reimbursement request, we’ll ask you to provide a breakdown of all expenses, copies of all receipts, a final attendee list, a photo of the event (for group events only), and a space to write in reflections on your program. If you want to submit additional photos of your event we’d love it; you and your friends could be featured on HMI’s social media!

4) Payment. You must submit your reimbursement request within 14 days of the completion of your program. Once we receive your reimbursement request, it will be reviewed by an HMI team member. All reimbursements are made via a mailed check unless otherwise specified after the program is complete. We issue reimbursements on a biweekly basis, but this timeline can be impacted if the HMI office is closed for holidays or breaks. If you do not receive your reimbursement within 6 weeks, please let us know.
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