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It’s About the Journey: Honoring Mike Wise

Help us honor the legacy of Mike Wise, HMI Founder and co-CEO, and celebrate his retirement!

Mike Wise’s vision, leadership, and drive to innovate has transformed the lives of thousands of couples nationwide through the organization he and Avi Rubel built together: Honeymoon Israel. Thanks to Mike, young couples in 23 cities in the US and Canada found an entry point into the Jewish community where they were welcomed with open arms. We hope that you will join us in celebrating his retirement. RSVP to his virtual celebration or choose a special way to honor him below!

Honor Mike Wise

It may be hard to put into words how grateful this community is for Mike Wise and his dedication to HMI and the Jewish community, but here’s your chance to share your love and appreciation as Mike starts his next chapter!

1. Donate
Making a gift to HMI is an incredibly meaningful way to honor Mike and his accomplishments by ensuring that his legacy lives on and that HMI can continue to grow and impact more and more couples for years to come.

Donate in Honor of Mike Wise

2. Submit a note and/or photo.
Click here to send Mike a note expressing your gratitude for Mike and best wishes for what’s to come. If you have a photo with Mike, please send it our way so we can include it in a special gift for Mike to treasure forever! Submit by Wednesday, April 17!