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​"Once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel for interfaith couples"

“Our strong bond will be able to grow as we bring the spirit of the holy land to the City of Brotherly Love,” said Wernick.

​"Honeymoon Phase"

On Sept. 7, 2017, they embarked on that trip through a national program called Honeymoon Israel. The excursion not only allowed them and the other couples to better understand their Jewish identities, but it encouraged them to explore their family histories, their connection to the Jewish community and their future.

"Honeymoon Israel serves as gateway to Jewish community for diverse couples"

"We were really attracted to Honeymoon Israel because we loved the idea of having a community to come back to," Sorkin said. "I think in many ways, it was the most amazing part of the trip. Being in Israel and seeing the sights was awesome, but having made lifelong friends was the part that keeps on giving." 

"Oh Baby! Honeymoon Israel creates meaningful Jewish experiences for the youngest members of their community"

With regards to the correlation between Honeymoon Israel and babies, our data shows that many couples who choose to apply and ultimately participate on Honeymoon Israel are doing so with family planning in mind – and typically around planning for their first child.

"Honeymoon Israel and JScreen Launch National Partnership to Screen for Jewish, Other Genetic Diseases"

“We are very excited to partner with Honeymoon Israel and support young couples who are at the stage in life when they are thinking about having children and creating families,” says Karen Arnovitz Grinzaid, Executive Director of JScreen. “In particular, this partnership will help us offer screening to more interfaith couples and couples who have been less affiliated with Jewish life."

"Jewish Federation, Mayerson JCC bring Honeymoon Israel to Cincinnati"

“Honeymoon Israel will enable us to offer a meaningful Israel and Jewish experience to couples at a point in their lives when they are building their futures together,” said Barb Miller, director of Community Building for the Jewish Federation. 

"How to Avoid Startup Crash and Burn"

Avi Rubel, a successful social entrepreneur in the Jewish community, has some advice for fellow risk-takers: When taking the big leap, wear a parachute.  

"Hineini: Celebrating Jewish Choices"

Saying yes to those weddings comes from a place of wanting to acknowledge – in fact, wanting to celebrate – the couple’s Jewish choice. It comes out of a firm conviction that interfaith families are Jewish families, especially when they are welcomed in and given the tools they need to live Jewish lives. And it comes out of my belief that opening our doors wider, creating a welcoming and inclusive community, is the best way both to nurture Jewish families and to build a Jewish future.

"Honeymoon Israel Helps Connect Couples"

Tressa Levenson, 33, wanted to visit Israel as a teen, but her parents were hesitant. It wasn’t until she married Morgan White, 32, a Birthright Israel alum, that she embarked on a trip to the Holy Land.

"Group offers 9-day subsidized Israel honeymoons"

“Honeymoon Israel engages couples in formative stages and shows that Jewish experiences and learning can in fact add value to their lives and create deeply meaningful community,” adds Barry Finestone, President and CEO of the Jim Joseph Foundation.

"Making friends and - maybe - major life decisions on Honeymoon Israel"

But outside of Israel, especially in the United States, Jews have become increasingly likely to partner with someone of a different faith, prompting decades of hand-wringing and guilt trips. Avi Rubel, the cofounder and co-CEO of Honeymoon Israel, sees it another way.
The boston globe | JUNE 22, 2017

"Beyond Birthright: A Niche Opportunity"

Jennifer Shaeffer Fraiman, 35, isn’t Jewish. Her husband Joe, 38, is and has, what his wife describes as, a “pretty deep connection to Israel.” Fraiman said almost everything she knew about Israel came from him. When they returned from their Honeymoon Israel experience in February, Fraiman felt more informed about Israeli culture and politics and a deeper connection to Judaism. “Before, Israel was his,” she said. “Now it’s mine, too, and that has united us.”  

"Time to rethink our resistance to intermarriage"

If our traditional communities do not learn how to adapt to modernity and cater religiously to different people’s needs, Judaism risks nearing its extinction date.
The new york jewish week | june 13, 2017

"Atlanta Embraces Interfaith Engagement"

Studies show that positive engagement with the Jewish community can make all the difference to the sense of connection for interfaith families. And Atlanta's Jewish community is anything but indifferent.
atlanta jewish times | Nov. 30, 2016

"The 2 Questions Jewish Parents Are Asked When Their Kids Intermarry"

As Jews, when our children intermarry, there are two questions we are repeatedly asked. Subtly or not so subtly.
HUFFINGTON POST | Oct. 4, 2016

"A Honeymoon with a Purpose"

Honeymoon Israel is not about the trip. "The trip itself is powerful and impactful's just a trigger. We expect couples to come home asking more questions than they came in with, not having more answers. And that speaks to our core value which is that we don't want to give anyone a prescription of what it means to have a Jewish family.
Jewish community foundation (San Francisco Bay area) | Aug. 22, 2016

"Interfaith engagement organizations reap rewards of Douglas' Genesis Prize"

Twenty-eight organizations committed to engaging interfaith families in Jewish life are benefiting from $3.3 million in grant funds, thanks to Academy Award-winning actor Michael Douglas. 
the jewish chronicle | JUNE 24, 2016

"Honeymoon Israel Immerses New Parents in Jewish Community"

When Dan Diamond was 12, his mother gave him a book titled "It All Begins With a Date: Jewish Concerns About Intermarriage." At the time, it seemed a bizarre gift for someone so young, but its aim was clear. 
the Covenant Foundation | JUNE 14, 2016

"Finding Common Ground in Interfaith Marriage"

When Dan Diamond was 12, his mother gave him a book titled "It All Begins With a Date: Jewish Concerns About Intermarriage." At the time, it seemed a bizarre gift for someone so young, but its aim was clear. 
new york times | JUNE 9, 2016

"Taglit for two: Honeymoon Israel growing as 'Birthright' for couples"

Standing in the Western Wall plaza at the heart of Jerusalem's Old City, Alex and Bianca Ross discussed the religious and spiritual roller coasted that brought them there.
Jewish Journal | June 8, 2016

"Honeymoon Israel is Onto Something Good"

The Honeymoon Israel vision is clear; that every committed couple with at least one Jewish partner will possess the basic knowledge, inspiration, tools and support system to build a family with deep and meaningful connections to Jewish life and the Jewish people, as important first steps to creating a thriving Jewish community. 
Ejewish philanthropy | MAy 8, 2016

"Interfaith Couples Find Connections"

Too many interfaith couples don't feel like they are a part of the Jewish community in New York. Honeymoon Israel, together with UJA-Federation, is working to change this.
UJA Fed | mar. 14, 2016

"Young Couples: Focus on an Underserved Population with Huge Potential"

Since co-founding Honeymoon Israel together with Mike Wise a year and a half ago, we've had the opportunity to interview hundreds of young couples (ages 25-40) across North America interested in participating in one of our Israel Trips.
Times of israel | feb. 16, 2016

"Why Some Intermarried Couples Get Subsidized Honeymoons in Israel"

How would you like a nine-day vacation with your new spouse up to 7,000 miles from home for just $1,800 including flights and hotels? 
*To clarify an article misprint: HMI is open to ALL couples (not only mixed religion) that have at least one Jewish partner.
NBC News | jan. 2, 2016

"Honeymoon Israel: Jewish Experience for Mixed-Religion Couples"

Honeymoon Israel was highlighted on Channel 1 English News in Israel and NBC News.
NBC News | Dec. 24, 2015 

"Visiting Israel, interfaith couples find Jewish roots"

A ‘Birthright for marrieds,’ Honeymoon Israel program brings newlyweds to the Jewish state for a look at their heritage.
Times of Israel | NOV 8, 2015 

"Meet Birthright - for married couples"

Honeymoon Israel was highlighted on a Channel 2 News video in Israel. There are parts of the segment that are in Hebrew and in English. 

"Ex-JCC CEO Brings Couples to Israel"

Former Marcus Jewish Community Center CEO Mike Wise will be at the General Assembly to pitch a startup Israel engagement program that has just connected with Atlanta.
Atlanta Jewish times | nov 4, 2015 

"Honeymoon Israel program is like Birthright for newlyweds"

Israel is for ... lovers? That’s the premise of a new program that aims to take couples from at least 13 U.S. cities on guided trips to the Holy Land starting next month.
JWeekly | Apr 16, 2015 

"The Timeless Allure of an Israel Honeymoon"

A new program makes it easier for couples to experience the magic of an Israeli honeymoon. This spring, Honeymoon Israel is sending pilot trips of newlyweds on subsidized nine-day honeymoons.
Jewish Exponent | Apr 9, 2015   

"Honeymoon Israel Couples Don’t Need Us to “Write Them a Prescription” —There’s nothing Wrong with Them in the First Place"

We want you to feel welcome, get to know the family, and hopefully gain a sense of authentic meaning that you can make a part of your life in whatever way works for you. 

"Birthright for couples’ seeks a romance with community"

Can Israel work the same magic on couples as it does on young singles? 

"Honeymoon Israel – the First Few Months"

Since launching the new Honeymoon Israel program this past October, we’ve crisscrossed the US, talking to hundreds of newly married couples with at least one Jewish partner.  

Colorado Selected as Pilot for New “Honeymoon Israel” Program

Honeymoon Israel announced that Colorado will be a pilot for the new program that brings young couples on highly subsidized trips to Israel. 
Boulder Jewish News | Feb 17, 2015 

Jewish group funds honeymoons to Israel

American honeymooners could be treated to trips to Israel, as long as one of them is Jewish, it's been reported.  
BBC News | Dec 16, 2014 

Jewish group brings honeymooners to Israel

A new philanthropic organization in the United States aims to encourage Jewish American newlyweds to spend their honeymoon in Israel. 
Ynet | Dec 14, 2014 

New nonprofit offers subsidized trips to Israel for couples

Honeymoon Israel, a newly formed nonprofit organization, is launching its first nine-day tour of Israel in April 2015, starting with couples from Los Angeles. 
Jewish Journal | Nov 25, 2014 

First Comes Love, Then Comes Honeymoon Israel

What happens once young Jews settle down for a lifetime of marital bliss? That’s the question posed by a recently announced program that provides subsidized Israeli tours for Jewish newlyweds. 
Tablet | Nov 7, 2014 

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